Elmo’s Carrboro will be closing at 3PM on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Opening Monday the 6th at 8AM

Hi Folks,

We are having some pretty major electrical work done on this Sunday afternoon and our electrician is kind enough to work on a night which most of you are at home anyway having chili and watching the game. We will be here until 3PM Sunday. We plan to have an appreciation party for our staff that night as well because we are closed. We will reopen at 8AM on Monday the 6th of February
For those of you who were planning to come Sunday evening to Elmo’s Carrboro, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will be reopening on Monday at 8AM.

We should look brighter with our new lights and we will be better prepared to serve you with the repairs!

For the local Kids!!! Please mark your calendars for Tuesday February the 8th at Elmo’s Carrboro. It is our monthly “First Tuesday” event. We will be partnering with Morris Grove Elementary and the Public School Foundation for a fundraiser where 10% of pre tax sales will be donated & shared with Morris Grove & PSF for our school kids. We appreciate your continued support for these fun events!

Thank you for choosing Elmo’s in Carrboro.