Jan 25th 2013, Friday-Closed at 2PM due to weather! Will reopen as soon as it is safe Saturday!

Hi Folks,

We are cleaning up and going home before the roads get too bad.

We plan to reopen on Saturday as soon as it is safe to bring in the crew from various parts of the community.( Any ice on roads and stairs & sidewalks clear)Please keep in mind, from that point, it is about an hour and a half of work to ready the food, tea and coffee for the day. We will let you know with a message here as soon as we can get in and get things going! Feel free to call  if you are not in front of your internet device! 919.929.2909

Stay safe and warm and know that we greatly appreciate that you choose Elmo’s of Carrboro when you can!

Your Friends,

The Elmo’s of Carrboro Team