Wednesday February 18th. Elmo’s CARRBORO closed tonight (closed at 3PM) due to re-freeze of melting snow and icy road conditions, opening Thursday at 10AM

Who is ready for spring? We all are! Imagine how Boston feels!


Many of our team members live out on rural roads which are still not plowed or are still covered in melting snow and ice which will re-freeze by 7PM. If we stay open for dinner we are asking them to drive home on icy roads. We can’t do it. We are sorry for the inconvenience and know we wish we were open too!


With that said, we want our crew to be able to see where they are driving and walking so will open at 10AM on Thursday if all goes well with the salting of roads and bridges tonight and in the AM. BE CAREFUL IN THE PARKING LOTS AND ON THE SIDEWALKS AT CARR MILL!! THEY ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO KEEP THEM CLEAR BUT STILL SOME VERY ICY SPOTS.


Stay warm and safe! And Go Heels (if they can get to Durham safely)!!