Winner of Love Story Essay Contest – “Love and Chocolate Malts” By: Margie Tippett

Winner of Love Story Essay Contest

“Love & Chocolate Malts”

By: Margie Tippett

Early in our friendship, before Michael & I started dating, we shared our first just-the-two-of-us meal at Elmo’s. While waiting for our order, we grabbed one of those coffee cups of crayons and each colored an Elmo’s duck. I remember thinking that any guy who could color with abandon in a public place was probably worth looking into.

And so the dating began. AND we discovered Elmo’s chocolate malt … perfectly romantic for sharing, and oh, so yummy! Busy weekends, road trips, and many dates concluded with a visit to the counter at Elmo’s where we shared the fabulous malty, chocolaty treat. Seriously, we must have caused a significant bump in Elmo’s malt order each month.

And so we got married. After a joyful ceremony and wonderful reception, a car whisked us away to the rest of our lives together. Only, we needed to go do something first. Yup, we had the driver take us directly to Elmo’s where, in full wedding attire, we sat at the counter and shared our first chocolate malt as husband and wife.

And on the way home from the airport after our Italian honeymoon, we didn’t even drop off the luggage. We went straight to our spot at Elmo’s counter. Italy may have the Sistine Chapel, but Elmo’s has those chocolate malts.